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The Psychoanalytic Treatment of Psychosis in the Community

You are cordially invited to attend a presentation co-sponsored by the Kedzie Center and the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.

To be held at the Kedzie Center 4141 N, Kedzie Ave. Chicago

Wednesday, November 14  6-7:30 pm


The possibility of psychoanalytic treatment of psychosis in the community is actualized when:

1 – Psychosis is conceived of as a basic human structure – not an illness characterized by deficiency – allows for a reconsideration of the dimensions of chronicity and intractability demonstrated by established clinical work. 

2 – As exemplified by a video that depicts an existing program known as “388”, located in Quebec City - where psychotics, afforded the opportunity for psychotics to profoundly reorganize their lives engaging in psychoanalysis.  The results obtained demonstrate that 60% engaged in psychoanalysis gained a productive and satisfying place in their community. 

3 – There will follow a discussion of the concept, the program and what would be required to establish such a program locally.


Presenter:  Charles Turk, M.D. Psychiatrist at the Kedzie Center, a faculty member of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis and an analyst of GIFRIC - the organization that developed “388”

CEUs available

1 – Participants will become familiar with how the ethic of “best practices” demands consideration of results obtained as demonstrated by an innovative psychoanalytic treatment in a psychoanalytically informed program, and with what clinical, organizational and financial issues would have to be addressed to develop such a program locally.

2 – Participants will gain increased knowledge of how the prevailing “scientistic” view of psychosis that regards it as a “brain disease” obliterates the subject – and how this concept makes us human and offers an alternative viewpoint of psychosis.

3 – Participants will become familiar with how psychoanalysis as conducted at “388” offers psychotics a way to engage in a total reorganization of their personality and their lives.  

This presentation will be of medium level interest to graduate students, clinicians and other professionals

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