Claude Barbre receives Johanna K. Tabin Award

Claude Barbre, M.S., M.Div., Ph.D., L.P., received the Johanna K. Tabin Award for Exceptional Public Service from The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis, Chicago, IL on December 1, 2023. As CCP wrote in conferring the award:  “The Tabin Award is bestowed annually upon an individual who has made a significant contribution toward promoting mental health and mental health treatment. The award is inspired by the devotion and hard work of people like Dr. Claude Barbre who advocate strongly for the rights of all to mental health services that are accessible, humane and usable.” Receiving the award, Dr. Barbre presented a short talk on the legacies of self-object families in our lives (see below). Dr. Barbre is Distinguished Full Professor of Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he is Course-Lead Coordinator of the Psychodynamics Orientation, and lead faculty in the Child and Adolescent Studies. He is also a Board Member, Training Supervisor, and Vice-President of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis (CCP), and in private practice in Chicago, IL. A full biography follows the text of his acceptance talk.   Click below to read full acceptance:

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Alan Levy wins Edith Sabshin Award

Alan Levy, CCP President, won the Edith Sabshin award for outstanding teaching of psychoanalysis. He was given the award by the American Psychoanalytic Association at its annual meeting in New York.

How a Zen Practitioner and Chaplain Thinks about the Conflict Between No-self and Psychoanalysis
Interviewer: Pamela Gayle White

When we spoke late this summer, Howard Ruan was just wrapping up their CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. They say that their first unit, also at Rush, was so profoundly life-changing that they annoyed the people around them by asserting that everyone should do CPE. “I had never worked that intimately in a group setting, and with that amount of attention to the relational dynamics in a group. I’d never been challenged to show up in such unflinchingly honest conversations about my fears and anxieties and how they affected how I saw others and others saw me.”  Read full article

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Zak Mucha, LCSW
Learning How to Learn: The Terror of Not Knowing


It is with great pleasure that we announce the graduation of Zak Mucha, LCSW from our psychoanalytic training program on September 10. In addition to at CCP training to become a psychoanalyst, Zak also was a CCP Fellow and a graduate of the CCP Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program. For his graduation project, Zak presented an account of his personal and professional process of tolerating, embracing and ultimately transcending the obstacles to becoming an analyst. Zak did a masterful presentation in which he incorporated psychoanalytic theory, clinical vignettes, and literature to capture his development as a psychoanalyst.  Claude Barbre, PhD, was Zak s discussant. Both Zak and Claude created what proved to be a highly personal, psychoanalytically rich, and ultimately a poetic program. Congratulations, Zak!

2022 International Federation for Psychoanalytic Education (IFPE)

Claude Barbre: Distinguished Psychoanalytic Educator’s Award: Shipwrecked in the Obligatory: Moral Distress, the infelt Known and the Landscapes of Creative Will.

Nancy Burke: Primitive Minds, Low Functioning Patients, and Models of Treatment: Reflections on Psychoanalysis and its Signifiers.

Ramie Bou-Saab: Disruptions, Upheavals, and Resilience

Susan Burland:

  1. Conference Committee Member
  2. Panel Member: Ferenczi’s ‘Hangman’s Work’: Surviving Murder on the Analyst’s Couch
  3. Panel Member: The Farrell Silverberg Chair for Social Responsibility, IFPE’s Racism and Social Justice Discussion Group

Marilyn Charles: 1. Archetypal Meanings, Transcendence, and Transformation: Catastrophic Change in Text and Context.

Kendrick Dewdney: The Space in Between Annihilation and Creation.                         

Linda Michaels: Chaired a panel entitled Toward a Post-Pandemic Future of Teletherapy and Teleanalysis.

Zak Mucha: Contemporary Subjectivity Through a Psychoanalytic Lens.

Betsy Nettleton: All I Want for Christmas is a Rapid Test and a Mother.

Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology and Psychotherapy
(Division 39, American Psychological Association)

Alan Levy and Noemi Ford: Conference Co-Chairs

Conference Steering Committee Members: Carol Ganzer, Linda Michaels, Janice Muhr, Frank Summers

Marilyn Charles: Narcissism and Addiction: Intersections Between Psychoanalytic Research and the Clinic.

Linda Michaels: Going Beneath the Surface: What People Want From Therapy.

Janice Muhr and Linda Michaels: Advocating for Therapies of Depth, Insight, and Relationship.

Frank Summers and Peter Shabad: Creating and Finding Transcendence in Life and the Analytic Process.

Frank Summers: Panel on Authoritarianism: Some Psychoanalytic Perspectives.

Graduation Announcement, Peter Reiner, PhD, LMFT

President Carol Ganzer is very pleased to announce the graduation from the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis of Peter Reiner, PhD, LMFT.  He has completed his coursework and has received the Certificate of Psychoanalysis.  In addition to finishing the program’s intensive course and supervisory requirements, Peter devised a final project that integrated his years of study of psychoanalysis with his passion for teaching, much to the benefit of graduate and post-graduate students in China and to the international psychoanalytic community more generally.  A formal graduation celebration for Peter, including presentation of his final project, will be scheduled when public health conditions permit. 

For his final project, Dr. Reiner taught a section of a course on Psychoanalytic Theory offered by the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA) to select psychodynamic clinicians in various cities in China.  His students learned the fundamentals of ego psychology, based on the writings of Anna Freud and Charles Brenner, and the foundations of object relations theory, based on papers by Melanie Klein.  Dr. Reiner, already an award-winning teacher, chose to broaden his pedagogy by teaching online to members of different cultures who were actively applying the material to their clinical work.  To enhance his own learning, Peter selected a final project committee of seasoned, experienced teachers—CCP Board members Drs. Ganzer, Shabad, and Scholom—to provide weekly feedback about his lectures and clinical examples. 

The responses of the participants in China were overwhelmingly positive:  They urged senior administrators of CAPA to have him provide additional classes.  CAPA immediately solicited Dr. Reiner to teach the following year; he has just finished doing so with a second cohort.  Once again, Peter’s lectures were received enthusiastically; and CAPA has already strongly requested that he teach psychoanalytic theory in 2021 to yet a third cohort!

Steve Harp,  Associate Professor at the Department of Art, Media and Design at DePaul University was recently awarded a DePaul University Humanities Center Fellowship for 2020-2022  for his  project "Negation/Against."  

The abstract follows:

The commonly accepted perspective in Western culture is that photography manifests the external. The argument I seek to make against that – which I aim to explore in this fellowship – is that the photograph is rather a manifestation or projection of the internal. Through the lens of Freud’s essay “Negation,” I intend to investigate the ways photography is always already inherently subjective, an internal transformation othe external through the interplay of lost and found; that photography has something fundamentally irrational about it, something that revolves instead around projection, absence, loss and a visual correlate of the fact that existence is always against. The work I aim to create in this fellowship is an extended essay, in the spirit of Montaigne, investigating the ways in which Freud’s concept of negation is central to photography.

Graduation Announcement

President Carol Ganzer is very pleased to announce the graduations from the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis of Jeremy Bloomfield, PsyD, and Scott Pytluk, PhD. They have completed their coursework and have received the Certificate of Psychoanalysis.  Beyond completing the program’s intensive course and supervisory requirements, each candidate presented a final project that integrated their years of study of psychoanalytic thinking.  Their personal expressions of their own analytic growth have enriched us all.

For his project, Dr. Bloomfield interviewed and videotaped CCP faculty members over a period of several years, asking each about their own commitment to a lifetime of psychoanalytic exploration:  training, teaching, working with patients, writing.  For his presentation, Dr. Bloomfield selected ten of the interviews. Those who participated are Dr. Frank Summers, Dr. Marilyn Charles, Dr. Gerard Fromm, Dr. Malka Hirsch-Napchan, Dr. Avgi Saketopoulou, Dr. Sandra Buechler, Dr. Alan Bass, Dr. Fran├žoise Davoine, Dr. Danielle Knafo, and Dr. Adrienne Harris.  The effect of these cumulative voices is profound.  

Dr. Scott Pytluk, in fulfilling the program requirements, chose to integrate his lifetime of experience as a musician with his immersion in psychoanalysis. Scott introduced his elegant clarinet concert by reading a paper in which he traced the intersecting events that brought together his musical talents, his own development, and his personal history within the field of psychoanalysis.  The evening was a celebration, not only of Scott’s personal achievement, but a reminder of the marvels of our humanness.

Nominated for the 2019 Gradiva Award

Articles and Journals
Claude Barbre and Jill Barbre  — Breaking into a Sacred, Bloodier Speech: The Healing Role of Monsters in Child Development, Trauma Play, and the Cultural Imagination . Violent States and Creative States: From the Global to the Individual, 2, 125 – 135
Books Publication
Robert Grossmark —The Unobtrusive Relational Analyst: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Companioning
Jamieson Webster — Conversion Disorder: Listening to the Body in Psychoanalysis

Edited Books

Marilyn Charles — Introduction to Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Defining Terms and Building Bridges

Dr. Alan Levy to Speak at The Michigan Council on Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy

Dr. Alan Levy will be speaking at the : Michigan Council on Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, on February 16, 2020.

Title: “Staying the Same While Living with Multitudes: A New Look at Object Constancy”

New Book Chapter Forthcoming on Child Treatment

Alan Levy, CCP Vice President and faculty member will have a chapter on the treatment of children published in the forthcoming third edition of a Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work.  This is a revision of his earlier work and was co-authored with his wife, Julie Levy

Levy, AJ and Levy, JA (Forthcoming).  Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work (Third Edition), Jerrold R. Brandell (Editor).  San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing.

Jeremy Stern, LCSW Wins Jack D Frank, zt"l, Memorial Scholarship Award

Jeremy Stern, LCSW, a student in our psychotherapy program, is the first recipient of the Dr. Jack D. Frank ztl Memorial Scholarship Award.

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Alan Levy, PhD | CCP Vice President, Appointed as Lecturer at University of Chicago

Alan Levy, PhD, CCP Vice President and faculty member, has been appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration, where he teaches graduate courses on psychodynamic theory and practice.

INDIVISIBLE Chicago Podcast with Allan Scholom, PhD

Mental Health in the Age of Trump

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Best Practices

The Psychoanalytic Treatment of Psychosis in the Community

You are cordially invited to attend a presentation co-sponsored by the Kedzie Center and the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.

To be held at the Kedzie Center 4141 N, Kedzie Ave. Chicago

Wednesday, November 14  6-7:30 pm


The possibility of psychoanalytic treatment of psychosis in the community is actualized when:

1 – Psychosis is conceived of as a basic human structure – not an illness characterized by deficiency – allows for a reconsideration of the dimensions of chronicity and intractability demonstrated by established clinical work. 

2 – As exemplified by a video that depicts an existing program known as “388”, located in Quebec City - where psychotics, afforded the opportunity for psychotics to profoundly reorganize their lives engaging in psychoanalysis.  The results obtained demonstrate that 60% engaged in psychoanalysis gained a productive and satisfying place in their community. 

3 – There will follow a discussion of the concept, the program and what would be required to establish such a program locally.


Presenter:  Charles Turk, M.D. Psychiatrist at the Kedzie Center, a faculty member of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis and an analyst of GIFRIC - the organization that developed “388”

CEUs available

1 – Participants will become familiar with how the ethic of “best practices” demands consideration of results obtained as demonstrated by an innovative psychoanalytic treatment in a psychoanalytically informed program, and with what clinical, organizational and financial issues would have to be addressed to develop such a program locally.

2 – Participants will gain increased knowledge of how the prevailing “scientistic” view of psychosis that regards it as a “brain disease” obliterates the subject – and how this concept makes us human and offers an alternative viewpoint of psychosis.

3 – Participants will become familiar with how psychoanalysis as conducted at “388” offers psychotics a way to engage in a total reorganization of their personality and their lives.  

This presentation will be of medium level interest to graduate students, clinicians and other professionals

"Nothing human is alien to me"  --Terrence

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