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Claude Barbre, PhD

It is an honor to be invited again to apply for Board Member service on the CCP Board of Directors. During my past years of service to the Board, I have organized intermittent Chicago meetings for psychology professionals about CCP at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCS) where I teach and supervise students, discussing psychoanalytic research and works in progress, and encouraging their participation in CCP events and community memberships. I have recruited numerous clinicians to the Fellows Program each year, serving as a Mentor for many Fellows candidates. During my Board terms I have also served as a liaison between CCP and the TCS university, helping maintain the presentation space for Friday night lectures and classes free of charge and low fee, while also advocating for the continual interaction between our students seeking training, supervision, and therapy, and CCP professionals (e.g. referring students for therapy to CCP members, as well as promoting events by CCP members). I have recruited students to the 2-year program as well as interviewed and supervised candidates in diverse levels of trainings offered by CCP. I have organized CCP members (students, early career, and seasoned faculty) to attend and present with me at regional, national and international conferences, organizing panels and roundtables to support their  careers. I have also contributed to several conferences and community workshops organized by CCP colleagues, supporting their work and community projects (e.g. Clinical Days, PsiAn, Kedzie Center workshops). In addition, during my recent  tenure on the CCP Board,  I also served four years as an APA Division 39 Chair of the Graduate Student Scholar’s Award Committee, continuing to help graduate students gain financial assistance and scholarships for their research, while also encouraging Division 39 and 32 participants to present and publish. In short, having served as an institute director, board member of 5 different organizations (including the American Board for the Accreditation of Psychoanalysis), and professor at 3 different universities teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, I am well-aware of Board commitments and tasks, and I believe my record of accomplishments is evidence of my ability to continue to serve the CCP Board of Directors well. During my recent tenure on the CCP Board I was promoted to Distinguished Full Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychodynamics at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and remain active with community education and cultural support of psychoanalysis, and psychoanalytic training (e.g. lead faculty on the Multicultural and Diversity Center Committee and the Care and Scholarship Committee—both at TCS). When CCP communicated to Argosy students their availability for support during the difficult time last year, I stepped up to teach 6 extra courses for a total of 33 credit hours (18 credit hours are required by faculty), and took on additional dissertation candidates to help Argosy students graduate on time and progress toward completing their psychology programs. I also met and counseled Argosy students during the stressful transitions. I continue to help those students ongoingly this Fall 2020.  I would like to continue helping CCP’s creative, energetic, and supportive community thrive and flourish by serving again for another term on the CCP Board. My hope during the next 3 years is to not only continue to recruit professionals and clinicians to CCP,  as I have done previously, but to also increase the number of Chicago workshops and webinars under the umbrella of CCP—to build our presence during the year by inspiring future leadership and membership participation, and to add additional supervisees from the programs, as well as offering my service as a training therapist. I have already recruited 2 new Fellows for the coming 2020-2021 year. I continue to reach out to community programs about cultural traumas, and will be presenting this Fall at several virtual conferences about multiple psychosocial  issues (e.g. Oxford University UK; University of London UK; University of Gdansk, Poland; Rutgers University, NJ; Chicago Food Water Watch; and  New York University Psychohistory Conference, NYC). CCP is always included in my plenary introductions and biographical statements, giving the organization ongoing visibility. Thank you for considering me again for another tenure on the Board of Directors, and let me know if you have any further questions. 


Claude Barbre 

Current Short Biography

Claude Barbre, M.S., M.Div., Ph.D., L.P., is Distinguished Full Professor, Clinical Psychology Psy.D. Department, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Barbre is Course Lead Coordinator of the Psychodynamic Orientation at The Chicago School, a faculty member of the Child and Adolescent Area of Study, and lead faculty in the Psychology and Spirituality Studies. He has counseled children and families for over 35 years, and served for 12 years as Executive Director of The Harlem Family Institute, a New York City school-based, psychoanalytic training program, working with children and families in low-income, high-needs neighborhoods. Author of prize-winning articles, books, and poetry, Dr. Barbre is a eight-time nominee and five-time recipient of the international Gradiva Award, presented by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP). He is a former Editor-In-Chief of Gender and Psychoanalysis (IUP Press), and was an Editor of the Journal of Religion and Health: Psychology, Spirituality, and Medicine (Springer Press) for 15 years. He is also the recipient of the 2016-17 Ted Rubenstein Inspiring Teacher Award, presented by The Chicago School of Professional Psychology—an award that honors a faculty member who has “made a significant impact on students’ personal lives and professional development through creative teaching and passionate investment in them.” In 2018 Dr. Barbre received the Distinguished Research and Scholarship International Award, also presented by TCS, and he serves as a Board Member and Training Supervisor at The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis (CCP). He is in private practice in Chicago IL.

Natalia Yangarber-Hicks, PhD

I am a 2017 graduate of CCP’s psychoanalytic training program. During my tenure at CCP, I have been involved in the organization in a number of ways. I have been a mentor in the Fellowship program, have served on the Curriculum, Two-year psychoanalytic psychotherapy program, and Progression committees. I greatly respect and appreciate the mission and values of CCP, its commitment to expanding the reach of psychoanalytic training, and its open and flexible model. If I am elected to serve on the Board, I would love to contribute my academic and clinical background to the promotion of CCP’s mission. Specifically, I would be interested in seeing all of CCP’s programs grow in numbers and quality, expanding the list of local teaching faculty, encouraging more collaborative scholarship coming from CCP members, and especially during the times of current crisis, continuing to promote CCP’s availability as a clinical and mentoring resource to the community. I am excited about the possibility of serving on the board of this beloved organization.

Michael Komie, PhD

I have been a member of the CCP community as a student, a mentor, and a faculty member. I am committed to psychoanalysis as a critical framework both for deep reflection about individual development and social/cultural issues. I am also a believer in the psychoanalytic frame as an activist intellectual tool for achieving social action and change.

CCP should continue leading the psychoanalytic community towards genuine diversity/social justice/and empowerment for all people.  This means training students and therapist from all communities, not tomorrow, but today, and finding new ways to continue to support trainees so they can afford the cost of training both in person and through utilizing the latest distance learning technology. Flexibility without sacrificing excellence in education should continue to be CCP’s signature.


Dr. Komie is Professor Emeritus at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Faculty, Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis, Fellow, Institute of Coahcing, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.  Her is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and hold a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.

He received his PhD from Northwestern University. He was a former member of the hospital wide bioethics committee at Michael Reese Hospital, and former director of community mental health center’s psychosocial rehabilitation program.  He also served on the Illinois Stat Bar Association’s Standing Committee on mental illness, the Illinois Bar Association’s task force on hate speech on university campuses, which issued the seminal report, “If Words Could Kill.”

Paul R. Sanders, Ph.D.

My first professional position was in the Day Hospital at Northwestern Memorial Hospital; at that time, the Day Hospital was a psychodynamic program that served patients with severe emotional disturbance.  Since 1981 I have maintained a private practice in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, while holding a variety of teaching positions, including ISPP, the postdoctoral program in clinical psychology at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  At the Chicago School I launched a well regarded seminar on transference and countertransference, which has been an interest of mine since my early membership in the Merton Gill study group.  More recently, I was a member of the Jonathan Sklar study group in Chicago.  For over 35 years I have engaged in the supervision of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and I am a past president of the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology (CAPP), which was a forerunner of CCP.  I have also had the privilege of serving CCP for many years as a mentor in the Fellowship program, and I have been on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Certificate Program as a supervisor since its inception.

"Nothing human is alien to me"  --Terrence

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