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Seminar: The Phenomenology of the First Encounter (Suzanne Rosenfeld, MD)

  • 25 Jan 2019
  • 27 Jan 2019


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Dr. Suzanne Rosenfeld is a psychoanalyst in full-time analytic practice in Chicago.  Trained in psychiatry at the University of Chicago and at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, she later trained with members of the British Psychoanalytical Society and Pierre Marty Institut de Psychosomatique in Paris.  She teaches at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute and supervises clinicians in private practice.  Her current research interests are psychoanalytical assessment, psychosomatics, and free association.

Seminar Title

The Phenomenology of the First Encounter

Seminar description
This course is an inquiry focused on the phenomena of the "opening scene" between analyst and patient during the initial psychoanalytical interviews.

We will be working in seminar format that includes discussion, one to three assigned readings, clinical material, and optional background texts.

We will examine micro and macro aspects of assessment as psychological events significant as distinctive entities and as part of a larger whole.  Specifically, this will include close attention to details of the encounter:  from the referral to the first contact with the patient by telephone, email, or, text; proceeding to the chief complaint and immediate unfolding of a transferential history; to making comments based on forms of unconscious perception including elements of the countertransference/transference matrix.

Listening with negative capability to clinical material, we will explore dreams by both patient and analyst as diagnostic tool, and, preliminary expressions of character and when to interpret them.  Similarly, we will study features of the psychoanalytic frame, the importance of early memory, the patient’s sexuality, and powerful forces of family dynamics.  Then we will begin to discuss how to develop a formulation, make a "literary"pitch for psychoanalysis, and the importance of ethics in your decision to accept a patient.

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