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President's Address

Carol Ganzer, PhD
Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis

September 15, 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CCP,

I am now beginning my third year as President. It has been both exciting and rewarding to continue to lead CCP into the future, with the dedicated and able members of the Board and my executive team of Adina Keesom, Alan Levy, and Toula Kalven.  In my last letter to you I shared my vision and goals, and I would now like to update you on the success of our endeavors and our future plans. Our lectures, our fellowship, and our training program in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy all continue to draw individuals to become members of our vibrant and diverse community.

We now have the largest number of candidates in the history of our analytic training program, with 20 candidates in various phases of their training.  Since I began my tenure as President, we have added 11 new candidates. Last year we launched our distance program, Distance Without a Difference, and the individuals who have joined us from Iowa and Minnesota are learning together with our local candidates in our intensive weekend classes.  I believe our success in attracting candidates to our training is a testament to the quality of our training and the dedication of our faculty, supervisors, Board, as well as to the high regard afforded us by the larger psychoanalytic community.

We now have established the Hedda Bolgar fund to provide scholarships in the Psychotherapy Program for students who demonstrate the need for financial assistance. The fund also provides seed money for innovative initiatives.  As we were only one of two training programs nationally that received a bequest from her estate, we honor her devotion to psychoanalytic work and the mission of CCP.

Our Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Certificate Program continues to offer learning opportunities to early career and seasoned clinicians.  The main program entails two years of training in psychoanalytic theory and treatment. We have added a third year component in psychoanalytic theory in response to the interest of current students and graduates. Our program also provides a solid bridge to the training program in psychoanalysis.

Our fellowship program is thriving with 55 members. The program gives CCP the opportunity to invite local seasoned clinicians to serve as Clinical Associate Faculty to mentor and teach our fellows. This continuing success of this program is due to these clinicians and the tireless work of Julia Brown and her staff, who recruit, interview, and arrange mentors and groups for the fellows.

Under the leadership of Peter Reiner, our new Psychoanalytic Explorations program has offered three classes to the public on psychoanalytic ideas taught by Peter Shabad, Allan Scholom, and Peter Reiner in its inaugural year. The classes filled quickly, and they were very well received. This year we are expanding the program by offering five courses.  The classes are small and intimate and allow intensive study and individual attention from our faculty.

Turning now to the future, I continue to have ambitious goals for this organization.  For example, as we continue to develop programs and wish to increase our visibility in the psychoanalytic world, I believe it necessary to design a new and more interactive web site that will bring our mission to a larger audience and, specifically, promote our distance training. We hope to launch the web site early in the coming year.

My goals for the future include strengthening and expanding CCP as an educational organization with the mission of teaching clinicians, expanding analytic training possibilities, nationally and internationally, and ensuring that our candidates continue to have access to excellent, cutting edge visiting and local faulty, dedicated analysts, and psychodynamically-oriented clinicians and consultants.

We go forward with the tradition of Friday night lectures and again will be bringing national and international figures to teach for us. Sarah Nettleton from London will join us in the fall to teach a course on the British Independents, Paulo and Ester Sandler from Brazil will discuss the influence of Bion, and Dominique Scarfone will be coming from Montreal in April to present the revisionist work of Jean Laplanche.  Additionally, we will have invited as instructors local analysts Karen Martin and Suzanne Rosenfeld as well as visiting faculty from both coasts: Todd Essig and Steven Seligman.  Be sure to visit our web site for a list of lecture dates.

Our Board members, mentors, and supervisors freely give their time to CCP with the hope that the Center will continue to flourish, to provide timely and thought-provoking lectures and classes, preparing the psychoanalysts of the future.  We hope you will your support us by attending our programs, continuing to receive our mailings, and, to the extent possible, making a tax-deductible donation to continue our important work.

My best wishes,

Carol Ganzer, PhD


Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis

"Nothing human is alien to me"  --Terrence

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