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President's Address

September 9, 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CCP,

This is my first letter to you as President of CCP. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire CCP community, I want to welcome you to the 2020-21 year. I especially wish to thank the Board and especially Carol Ganzer, our Past President, and Toula Kourliouros-Kalven, our Administrative Director, for their excellent work. Because of the efforts of so many of our community, CCP is in a strong position.

With Carol’s leadership, national and international interest in our programs have been generated through our new website. CCP has increased the number of our candidates and we continue to offer a unique psychoanalytic training that is both flexible and rigorous. Our candidates learn from visiting and local faculty who are at the forefront of psychoanalytic thought and practice.

CCP has launched our Distance Without A Difference  psychoanalytic training program. Unlike other training centers, our program fully integrates distance candidates into our core training program. CCP now has excellent candidates from outside the region who are now training alongside their Chicago based colleagues.

We have admitted a new class for our certificate program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, thanks to the work of Adina Keesom. This two year program provides solid grounding in psychoanalytic theory and practice, case consultation and individual supervision. As a testament to the quality of this program, students have opted for an additional third year course of study.

We are  proud to welcome a large and vibrant group of new and continuing fellows. The Fellowship program provides an essential path for graduate students and young colleagues to develop as psychoanalytic clinicians. Our program assists fellows in enhancing their knowledge and interest in psychoanalysis. We have been so impressed by the care and support provided by Julia Brown, the Fellowship committee, with mentors and group leaders, and with the fellows themselves.

Under the able leadership of Peter Reiner, CCP has initiated the Psychoanalytic Explorations program. Taught by first rate faculty, this program offers small classes on topics of interest to the larger clinical community. During Carol’s tenure as President, we also established the Hedda Bulgar fund, earmarking resources to support our trainees and expand the scope of psychoanalysis in new ways and to new populations.

The demands that we now face individually, socially, and internationally are extraordinary. They require flexibility, creativity and fortitude. CCP is resolved to meet these challenges. We are creating opportunities to support our community, to strengthen and expand the reach of psychoanalytic and psychoanalytically informed practice. These tasks are daunting indeed. We cannot retreat from the demands of our time.

The coming year also presents us with new opportunities. As a center dedicated to psychoanalytic training, we will continue to ensure the high quality of our programs. We also will support our community through this difficult period. Although we are unable to join together in person for now, we are finding ways to remain the warm and approachable community that we know.

This year we are substantially increasing the number of Friday lectures in order to create more opportunities for us to come together and to learn from one another. CCP will offer at least one major Friday evening program each month from September through June. Our year begins with an exciting lecture by Frank Summers, a member of our faculty.

Another priority will be to increase opportunities to utilize the considerable talent within CCP. We will be forming a group for child clinicians who find it especially challenging to engage their young patients virtually. CCP is exploring the prospect of offering a new consultation group for agency based clinicians. We also are developing plans for new study groups led by our members.

From its inception, CCP has been a catalyst for change. Nancy Burke, Allan Scholom and other dedicated CCP members have advocated tirelessly to bring our knowledge and skills to the larger community. We are proud that CCP members were instrumental in creating PsiAn, and that our community was pivotal in its development as a national advocacy organization.  Our members also have worked to create and support the Kedzie Center, which offers high quality, in-depth mental health services to a diverse and underserved community.

Fundamental to the psychoanalytic enterprise is inquiry and self-reflection. During the coming year and beyond, we will assess how we can reach out to a broader base of clinicians, welcome colleagues from marginalized communities, and find new ways for CCP to be responsive to the myriad challenges that we face. Now is the time for CCP and for society at large to address the scourges of systemic racism, economic and environmental injustice, all of which lead to the degradation of humanity. We will consider potential responses and pursue viable courses of action.

Our agenda is ambitious and the times are uncertain. The physicist Neil Bohr once said that prediction is very difficult--especially about the future. I cannot think of a better time to be ambitious, and for us to join together as a community to fulfill the psychoanalytic vision of humanizing the other in us all, recognizing the humanity of others, and in doing so, helping to make the world what it should be.

Warm Regards,

Alan J. Levy, PhD

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Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis


"Nothing human is alien to me"  --Terrence

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