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2019-2020 Course Registration

    • 5 Oct 2019
    • (CDT)
    • 6 Jun 2020
    • (CDT)
    • 9 sessions
    • TBD

    Frank Summers, PhD

    Begins October 5, 2019

    The Case Conference seminar is limited to eight participants, and priority is given to candidates who have a control case on a first come basis.

    • 13 Jun 2020
    • (CDT)
    • 14 Jun 2020
    • (CDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • TBD

    Alan Bass, PhD

    June 12-14, 2020

    Alan Bass Ph.D. is a practicing analyst in New York City.  He is a training analyst and faculty member at IPTAR and the Contemporary Freudian Society, and on the graduate philosophy faculty of the New School for Social Research.  He is the author of three books (Difference and Disavowal: The Trauma of Eros; Interpretation and Difference: The Strangeness of Care; Fetishism, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: The Iridescent Thing), many articles; the translator of four book by Jacques Derrida; and the editor of the journal The Undecidable Unconscious.

    Seminar title

    Developments of Kleinian Thought

    Seminar Description

    The seminar will focus on some of the most important expansions of Kleinian theory and practice, including the work of Wilfred Bion, Hanna Segal, Betty Joseph, John Steiner, and Michael Feldman.

    Preliminary readings: 

    Bion: Learning from Experience.

    Segal: papers on symbolic equation and the death instinct.

    Joseph: selections from Psychic Equilibrium and Psychic Change.

    Steiner: selections from Psychic Retreats.

    Feldman: selections from Collected Papers.

    [More specific several months before the seminar]

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